Catonsville Senior Center


Many of our Center members recently went to the Mummer's Museum on a trip led by one of our volunteers Linda Brooks.The Mummers Museum opened in 1976 as part of Philadelphia’s celebration of America’s Bicentennial. The Museum is dedicated to celebrating the tradition of Mummery in Philadelphia. Inside are costumes, oral histories, video and audio archives and even an exhibit to teach anyone how to “strut.” The Museum is home to annual summer concerts and offers a gift shop to in person and online visitors.
Here is just one reaction...."It was wonderful. The people were friendly, the food was good & filling, the entire band came to entertain us with music & were flirty & fun. Mark, our tour guide, was fantastic telling us history & stories when we arrived & until we stepped back on the bus. He was great & also showed us how to do the Mummers strut so a bunch of us were dancing."
A BIG THANK YOU is extended to Linda Brooks for leading this trip and sharing the photos below. Remember, we have more trips like this planned so check out our newsletters or the fliers outside of our travel office.

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